Vote, vote, vote: One of the best reasons for Democrats to turn out is because Republicans don’t want them to

Vote, vote, vote: One of the best reasons for Democrats to turn out is because Republicans don't want them to
To the polls (Jessica McGowan / Getty)
The Republican electoral strategy: rouse the base while pulling out every trick in a well-worn book to prevent reliable Democratic voters from going to the polls.
To rebuke sophisticated attempts to suppress participation, eligible voters must turn out Tuesday in huge numbers — and insist upon casting affidavit ballots if they have been struck from the rolls.
The stage was set by a 2013 Supreme Court ruling that invalidated federal pre-approval of changes that might have discriminatory effect in parts of the country with a history of racial bias.
For GOP strategists, it was off to the races: They worked hard to devise strategies, cloaked as necessary to assure the sanctity of the vote, to make it tougher for constituencies that favor the other major party to exercise their rights.
In Georgia, under the stewardship of Secretary of State Brian Kemp, cleaning or purging of the rolls has canceled more than a million registrations, many because they failed to meet the requirement of an obscenely strict new “exact match” verification law that disproportionately hurts minorities.
Last month, an analysis by the Associated Press found that on the last day of voter registration in the Peach State, more than 53,000 applications were sitting in pending status with Kemp’s office; nearly 70% of those prospective voters were black.
Did we mention that Kemp is the Republican gubernatorial candidate who stands poised to reap the reward as he campaigns against a black Democrat, Stacey Abrams?
There’s a similar story in Kansas, where gubernatorial candidate and current secretary of state Kris Kobach benefits from a rigid voter-ID law he designed.
In Wisconsin, a voter-ID law a federal court called “a cure worse than the disease” as it partially struck it down is causing widespread confusion.
Across America, Republicans afraid of robust voter participation are putting up barriers to the franchise. Turnout is the best revenge


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