Mail bomb suspect’s mom warns America’s political vitriol resonates with mentally ill

The mother of mail bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc writes that she is estranged from her son but hurt by his alleged attacks, and she calls on the country — specifically, President Donald Trump — to tone down the nasty rhetoric.

She further warned that the political vitriol — particularly talk of “war” against the media and political parties — could resonate with the mentally ill, like her son, and inspire them to “violently act out in our country,” Madeline Sayoc wrote in an open letter to television network ABC, which published the correspondence Sunday night.
What motivates a terrorist?
Madeline Sayoc also said that her 56-year-old son’s relatives had tried, to no avail, to get him help, and that American families need better laws to allow families to “compel and require” treatment, when necessary.


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