“It’s Midnight In America” — Trump Ends Midterm Message With Fear, Anger, Racism & Lies

“It’s Midnight In America” — Trump Ends Midterm Message With Fear, Anger, Racism & Lies
Donald Trump comes from Queens, New York, where he was taught, at a young age, that you must win at all cost. Say anything, do anything, resort to any tactic to win.
As the 45th President of the United States, he continues with that theory, playing each day to the worst instincts of the American people.
At his last rally of this midterm campaign, Trump told Ohio voters he’s essentially “on the ticket,” and he stoked fears about health care, immigration, and jobs.
He’s used a rundown of his favorites before his happy supporters, everything from an invasion approaching the border, to Democratic mobs, to locking up Hillary Clinton (two years after he defeated her).
Trump uses Ronald Reagan’s slogans and theme music (even bringing Lee Greenwood along to sing Reagan’s anthem, “Proud to be an American”), but his vision of America is the exact opposite.
The reality is that in Trump’s world strength is measured by how much pain and fear you can inflict to get a sale, where Reagan specialized in the gift of inspiration and hope.
Trump was reportedly shown a positive TV ad by campaign aides last week that emphasized the strong economy. Something every president dreams about.
It was called a new “Morning Again in America” ad, like Reagan aired in 1984.
But Trump being Trump, he hated it.
Instead, he approved the most blatantly racist and untruthful ad of our lifetime (even worse than the Willie Horton ad in 1988).
The ad is so bad that even Fox New pulled it. Yes, Fox News (Trump TV) pulled an ad because it was too racist and too untruthful.
That should tell you everything you need to know.
Republicans this year could have waged a midterm election on the economy. That message probably would have protected vulnerable Republicans, and kept the House in the GOP’s hands.
But Trump wouldn’t let them.
He believes that fear and intimidation are the keys to success. Frankly, he doesn’t think a majority of Americans are very smart.
Tomorrow he could be proven very wrong.
Whatever happens in the midterm, it’s all on Trump.
If his rallies full of fear, and anger, mixed with racism and lies, keep Republicans on a winning streak, he gets all the credit.
On the other hand, if a majority of Americans across the country are tired by the daily reality TV Trump drama, and they vote for Democrats, that’s all on him too.
Make no mistake: This election is a referendum on Donald Trump. It’s the ultimate job performance review.
And Republicans, the former party of Reagan, now belong to the age of Trump.


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