‘Illegal, Unheard of, Highly Suspicious’: Where Is Matthew Whitaker’s Financial Disclosure Form?

Inquiring minds want to know what acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker (or the Department of Justice) is hiding when it comes to his financial disclosure form.


American Oversight, a non-partisan, nonprofit ethics watchdog that calls itself the “top Freedom of Information Act litigator investigating the Trump administration,” sent a letter on Friday to Office of Government Ethics “regarding DOJ’s failure to share acting Attorney General Whitaker financial disclosures with the public.”

The letter expressed concern that the DOJ “is not making available to the public in a timely fashion any public financial disclosure reports filed by Matthew Whitaker.”

They blasted this letter out on Twitter and said, “Appointees have 30 days to file their financial disclosures once assuming the position. Whitaker has been working at DOJ since October 2017 and there’s no way to tell if he has financial conflicts.”

American Oversight


New Letter: Where are acting Attorney General Whitaker’s financial disclosures? The public has a right to know: https://www.americanoversight.org/document/letter-to-oge-regarding-mathew-whitakers-lack-of-public-financial-disclosures 

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